Center City Housing Corp.


We’re building hope. Literally.

River Crest Housing

St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Permanent Supportive Housing for Public Inebriates
  • 40 units, three story wood-framed building
  • 24/7 Staffing
  • Case Management and Nursing Services via Contract with Recovery Plus
  • Open July 2010


Development Partners:
General Contractor: Watson-Forsberg, Inc.

Architect: LHB, Inc.

Legal: Hanft Fride, Housing Preservation Project

Real Estate Consultants: Rippley Richard Real Estate Development Services

Funders: Minnesota Housing, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., Otto Bremer Foundation, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), National Bank of Commerce

Service Contractors: Recovery Plus, New Horizon Foods

River Crest Housing

River Crest Construction June 2010

River Crest Construction January 2010